What to eat in Seattle

I’m definitely not a food blogger, but the food was so good in Seattle it gets its own post. I’m not usually one for big chains either, but Seattle changed my mind on that too!

The Starbucks Roastery is¬†special. Sorry, the ‘Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Rooms’, to give it’s proper name. It was as pretentious as it sounds, but I couldn’t help enjoy the experience. The scent of freshly ground and roasting coffee fills the air and the delicious pastries are freshly made, rivaling any I’ve had in Paris or Italy. The space itself feels more like a hipster coffee shop in Copenhagen than any other Starbucks I’ve visited. This was a great way to fill up for a busy day sight seeing.

In all of the Seattle ‘must do’ lists and guidebooks, Pike Place Market features highly. Although I can’t fault the concept (farm to table, direct to consumer etc.), as a tourist I was underwhelmed. In comparison to London’s Camden and Borough Markets, New York’s Chelsea Market or even San Francisco’s Ferry Building farmers market, I found Pike Place a little lacking. We enjoyed a wander and some¬†Huevos Rancheros, but it wasn’t worth a special trip, sadly. I’ll leave it for the locals, I’m sure they would prefer it that way anyway!

When you live in the capital of food fads, to discover something you haven’t seen or tasted in San Francisco (and is worth eating!) isn’t all that common. In Seattle I found two – Katsu Burger and a Mac n Cheese pie. Admittedly not the healthiest options, these were both worth every single calorie. Katsu Burger have several locations and the Mac n Cheese pie was from Premier Meat Pies at the Seattle Centre (near the Space Needle).

Although the mac n cheese pie was one of the best pies I’ve eaten in a very long time, I’m actually glad that these can’t be found in San Francisco. I don’t think my arteries or waistline would thank me if they could be.

Katsu Burger review
Katsu Burger Seattle
Mac n Cheese pie with Chili, Premier Pies
Mac n Cheese pie with Chili

In case you haven’t guessed from my blog, I’m usually the one who puts in the research and planning for trips. On this occasion, my husband had picked out ‘Shaker + Spear‘ for our one dinner in Seattle, and wow, I’m so glad he did.

From the service to the perfectly cooked seafood, everything about the meal was exceptional, including dessert. I was beginning to think that Americans can’t do cheeses. In Washington state, they can. Against my advice, my husband ordered them for afters and had to share them with me. Shaker + Spear is honestly one of the best restaurants I’ve been to since we moved to America.

Shaker + Spear, Seattle
Shaker + Spear, Seattle
Shaker + Spear, Seattle
Seafood at Shaker + Spear restaurant, Seattle

Our perfect weekend was rounded off by a not so perfect finish. Facing a 9 hour delay on our flight, we cut short our second day to take a flight to San Francisco via Salt Lake City rather than face a night in the airport. Despite this setback, our good luck prevailed, in that we managed to have a really, really nice burger in Salt Lake City airport to round off the weekend.

See my post about Seattle to see what else we got up to over the course of our weekend in Seattle.

Remind me again why I’m not a food blogger? It seems like a great excuse to eat lots of lovely meals!

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